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I create and post a new music video every 2 weeks. They release Tuesdays to Patreon and Wednesdays to YouTube. I'll be doing covers of my favorite songs and original music too. Join the Patreon community by becoming one of my Patrons and you'll not only get access to my videos the day before the public but you'll also get special gifts, behind the scenes access, and more, including your name below.

If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation towards my music and videos, you can donate here via PayPal. 


To the beautiful people who are funding my musical creations on Patreon. You're my heros! Your support means the world to me!

Sivan Harary
David Weins
Victor Zubeldia
Andrea Boone
Peter Hollens
Rob Waxman
Jefferson Ogata
Elle Brigida
Giovanna Taormina
Paul Kim
Gina Hawk
Beth Hossfeld
Lisa Forkish
Kyra Gordon
Felix Muzquiz
Sashi McEntee
Ali Greenwell
Stevie Greenwell
Steve Dickason
Steve Swayne
Erin Honeywell
Jay Haynes
Sofia Lee
Vanessa Caveney
Pat Greenwell
Cheryl Dickason
David Moschler
Emily Stickel
Eric Schmidt
Vance Dickason
Jean-Luc Putaux
Tim Falconer
Lilan Kane
Deborah Dodge
Brian Adam McCune
Hud Bixler
Jason Ward Boyte
Liza Jimenez
Brittany Dickason
Steve Gibson
Greg Gouvea
Jefferson Ogata
Paul Hanson
Aaron Arredondo
Joshua Hegg
Make Weird Music
Colin Hogan
Jefferson Bergey
Geri Logan
Kathleen Hollingsworth
Aryan Aminzadeh
Bridget Boyle
Carolyn Walter
Anna Hurley
Stephany Katsur
Lisa Oberg
Mike Faust
Micha Mokrani

And a Special THANK YOU to the One-Time Donors!

Michael LaMacchia
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