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Live & Studio Singer. Vocal Coach. Engineer. Producer. Arranger. Clinician. Workshop Developer. Content Creator. 

I’m a singer and creativity enthusiast living between Ashland, OR the East Bay Area of California with my amazing musician and artist husband, Tarik Ragab and our big black German Shepherd, Kadin. I strive to always serve the music, showing up passionately and professionally in all that I do. I want to fearlessly show you my soul. 

I freelance as a studio singer, teach private voice lessons on Zoom from my home studio, and produce/engineer vocal sessions for singers.  Recording session clients include Disney, Facebook, GarageBand, Guitar Hero, and many indie songwriters and recording artists. I also record and produce vocal practice tracks for choirs and other music education institutions.


I'm the lead singer and co-founder of art-pop band, Raze The Maze and was the lead singer in the art-rock band, MoeTar (Magna Carta Records) which I co-founded with Tarik in 2009. Raze The Maze has 1 album with a 2nd on the way.


I also make 2 music videos per month of my favorite covers and original songs and post them to my Patreon and YouTube pages. If you want to get to know me as an artist and person more, become a Patron and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel, and friend me on Facebook too. I share a lot of myself and connect with fans and friends in these spaces. 

I have a background in studio work which began in college at Phil Mattson’s School for Music Vocations where I majored in Jazz Voice and Piano. My studio career burst forward when I was hired to sing 40+ songs for the video games Guitar Hero, Garage Band and Karaoke Revolution. This led to more voice over work for companies as well as other songwriters around The Bay Area. It's some of my favorite work that I get to do. 

I spent years singing in cover bands, at weddings, private events, and sitting in to sing with lots of bands, paying my dues and honing my skills as a live singer.  I’ve also devoted myself musically to singing in many bands and vocal groups over the years; Raze The Maze, MoeTar, The Riveters, No Origin, Interplay Quartet, Dave and the Diamonds, Radionoise, Josh Fix and the Furious Force, Ro Sham Bo, and more. 


Like many working musicians, I wear a lot of hats. I book concerts and tours, do web design, manage video productions and studio sessions, teach workshops and singing camps, and am a consultant to other musical groups.  I was on the Board of Directors at the Women’s A Cappella Association (WACA), working towards women’s equality in the music industry and especially in vocal music. 

Thank you for reading. Message me with any additional questions about my background or future work. 

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