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I post 1 new music video every 2 weeks to Patreon. I'll do both covers and original music. Join the Patreon community by becoming one of my Patrons. You'll get special gifts, behind the scenes access, and more. Head over to Patreon to see what this project is all about or watch on YouTube. 



I am so grateful to have launched my Patreon page. Please go check it out! PATREON!
My first video will release on Tuesday Sept. 27th for Patrons and Wednesday the 28th for the public, and then I'll be putting out a video every 2 weeks. I'm starting off with an original arrangement of a cover song from one of my hero bands. You'll have to wait until the release to find out! ;-)

SEPT 22 Patreon Page Launch!
SEPT 28 First Video to Patreon & YouTube 

Okay. I just posted the second music video of my new series to YouTube and all my social media sites. It's an a cappella version of Saturn, originally by Stevie Wonder on the album Songs In The Key Of Life.  

I recorded this song because I'm in love with it, big time. I have listened to it countless times during my life and it never gets old for me.  The lyrics are from the perspective of someone from Saturn who is observing Earth and the violence between humans, then dreaming of going back to Saturn "where the rings all glow rainbow moonbeams and orange snow. People live to be 205".  

I'm really proud of this one. I hope you enjoy! 

OCT 11 Second Video on Patreon & YouTube 

I finally did it! My first video from this new series of mine is live. It's my cover of the song Barracuda by Heart. I've always wanted to learn and sing this famous tune in a new way and this project is just what I needed to make it happen. 

After months of thinking about this video series project, then talking about it to my loved ones, then researching the technical side of making video content online, making some software and supply purchases, learning how to use new software, picking the first song, starting (the hardest part) to do the creative work which was developing the groove and arrangement, recording, filming, editing and finally going live - it's happening. All pieces are in motion. 

This first video is now public and I'm almost finished writing the arrangement for the next song, which releases to my patrons on Patreon Oct. 11 and the public on Oct. 12.

I'm having an incredible time creating and sharing my work. Thank you for watching. 

DEC 8 New Live Show Booked in January 

I'll be singing live at 1300 Fillmore in SF on Sat. January 21st, 2017. This show is sandwiched right between Tarik's and my birthdays so come celebrate with us. We will feature most of the songs from my Patreon / YouTube video series and mix in tunes that span over 7 decades but all work together with the twist this amazing band puts on them. Joining me will be Tarik Ragab on bass, Bob Crawford on keys and Julian Hogan on drums. 8:30-11:30pm. FREE. This swanky SF bar has a killer wine and cocktail list, plus a full menu. Come early, it's small with limited seating, but you can always dance instead of sit - I recommend it. 

JUNE 1 New Show Announced - Fillmore Jazz Fest 

I'll be performing on Sunday July 2nd on the Eddy Street Stage for the Fillmore Jazz Festival. I'm pretty excited about this! Me along with some of my favorite instrumentalists will hit the stage from 2:30-4pm so come out!  
It's Free, Family Friendly and the theme this year is Summer of Love Revisited. 

MAY 20 New Live Shows in May, June, Aug & Nov

I have 3 shows coming up in the next few weeks and then others booked this Fall.
Here are all of the details. I hope to see your shinning face in the audience getting your musical rocks off. Cheers y'all. 

Sat. May 27  -  1300 Fillmore, SF.  8:30-11pm

Moorea Quartet plays creative covers of soul jazz tunes.

FREE. All Ages.

Fri. June 2  &  Sat. June 3   -  The UC Theater in Berkeley. 

Moorea performs Within You Without You with The Hogan Brothers at
Undercover Presents: The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Anniversary Show

Sat. Aug. 18  -  SF Jazz Center

MoeTar performs 5 original arrangements of Nina Simone songs at 
Undercover Presents: A Tribute to Nina Simone

Fri. Nov. 17  -  Doc's Lab in SF  -  8pm

Moorea with members of MoeTar play creative covers. Opening for Negative Press Project

I got to sing a cool new arrangement of Within You Without you for 1,000+ people at the UC Theater for UnderCover Presents: A Tribute to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on Sat. June 3rd.  If you missed the show, we also recorded this tune at Zoo Labs in Oakland. It's free to hear and you can buy the whole album too. Reac more about the process of creating this song and hear the recording on my Patreon page:

Aug 18 SF JAZZ

MoeTar had a crazy amazing live show at SF Jazz Center in SF on August 18th. We performed 5 songs arranged by Tarik that were all a tribute to the late great Nina Simone as part of the Undercover Presents Summer series. It was a huge honor to be a part of this incredible show. 

As the Associate Director of the Women's A Cappella Association and also a video editor and producer it was my pleasure to create the 2018 SheSings Vocal Festival promotional video. Watch the video to capture some of the magic that happens at this 3-day annual festival in Berkeley, CA that I and the WACA team produce. I hope to see you there at our next festival on March 9-11, 2018!  

Festival Tickets will be available soon.  Showcase Concert tickets are available here:

My vocal tracks are complete for the second new MoeTar song, this one called Monsters In Your Head. I've been tracking everything over at Airship, where one of my best friends and bandmate, Jon Herrera rents a studio space. We tracked using both an SM7 and the stunning Charteroak condenser microphone. We had a fun afternoon testing out 6 different microphones before landing on these choices - but they really brought out the best in my voice for this style of music. Now that tracking on the first two songs are complete it's time to get music videos made, a new website and tracking more vocals on the next few songs. Lots from MoeTar is coming soon... 

Lisa Forkish is one of my great musical friends here in the Bay Area. She works in the vocal department at Oakland School for the Arts and most notably directs the famed a cappella group, Vocal Rush. Lisa and I take a weekly morning hike and check in on music, teaching and life. She is a composer and has written a new batch of songs which she has decided to write a cappella arrangements for and to record them and release a short album. She is tracking all of her vocals at my home studio, Raze The Maze. We're about to track song 3 this Sunday and I am flying high on how amazing these tracks are. More than most things, I love when raw talent is present in hard working, education focused musicians. Lisa is just that and this album will be stunning. Go Lisa Go! I look forward to sharing her music with you all very soon. The album should release before by early 2017.  

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